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I'm a Junior Professor of Private Law and Law & Economics at the Institute of Law & Economics, University of Hamburg. My dual-background includes a doctorate in Economics from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and degrees in law and business (LL.B & M.B.A) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. My previous positions include a research associate (post-doc) at the Institute of Law & Economics in Hamburg, a lab manager (post-doc) at the Economics department of the Frankfurt School of Finance, an associate lawyer at a Litigation & Banking department of Yigal Arnon & Co. law firm; and various research and teaching assistant positions in law, economics, and finance. My research combines empirical, experimental, and theoretical methodologies and focuses on topics such as law & technology (e.g. AI, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies), business law, sustainability and climate change, crime, and judicial decision-making.  

Working Coffee


2021 - Today        Junior Professor of Private Law and Law & Economics, Institute of Law & Economics, University of Hamburg

2022 - Today        External Lecturer  at the Kühne Logistic University and at the Haifa University

2020 - Today        External Lecturer at the Northern Institute of Technology, TU Hamburg

2019 - 2021           Research Associate (Post-doc) at the Institute of Law & Economics, University of Hamburg

2017 - 2019           Lecturer (post-doc) and Lab Manager at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management 

2014 - 2017           Doctoral researcher at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

2015 - 2017           RA  & TA positions (Finance & Microeconomics) at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

2009 - 2010           RA & TA positions (Property law, Jurisprudence, Constitutional law ) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

2008 - 2009           RA at the Israeli Ministry of Justice (Legislation & Counseling - Criminal Law)

2008 - 2009           Editorial Staff Member of Mishpatim Law Review 


Grants & Awards


2022: Principal Investigator (with Y. Kaplan & M. Gilboa),"Climate Change as Unjust Enrichment", funded by the German-Israeli Science Foundation ("GIF)

2020:  Best paper, SIDE-ISLE conference

2019: Best paper presented by a young scholar award, GLEA conference



Law & Technology

(e.g., AI, cryptocurrencies, and smart contracts)

2014 - 2018

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Doctorate in Economics (Summa Cum Laude)

Law & Sustainability

(e.g., climate change, product returns)

2007 - 2012

Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

MBA Finance & Banking (Magna Cum Laude)

Behavioral Law & Economics


(e.g. in judicial decision-making and crime)

09/2008 - 02/2009

Vrije Universiteit Brussels 

Erasmus Mundus Program, European Law

Crime Deterrence

(e.g. wrongful convictions)

2006 - 2011

Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

Bachelor in Law, LLB (Magna Cum Laude) 

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