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Blue Sky Blog


Mar. 2023: European Public Choice Society

Feb. 2023: EMLE MTM (Hamburg)

Nov. 2022: Conference on Empirical Legal Studies (Virginia)

                   MACIE-seminar (Marburg)

Oct. 2022: French Law & Economics Association (Montpellier) 

Sep. 2022: European Law & Economics Association (Lisbon)

Jul. 2022: ICON-S (via Zoom)

                 German Law & Economics Association (via Zoom) 

Jun. 2022: National Business Law Scholars Conference (Oklahoma City)

May 2022: LUMSA University (Rome)

                  Bucerius Law School Workshop on New Frontiers in Law & Economics (Hamburg)

Feb. 2022: EMLE MTM (via Zoom)

Jul. 2021: German Law & Economics Association (via Zoom)

                  ICON-S (via Zoom)

Jun. 2021: STOREP - Italian Association for the History of Political Economy (via Zoom)

May 2021: IML&E Workshop (via Zoom) 

Dec. 2020: Italian Society of Law & Economics ("SIDE-ISLE")  (via Zoom)

                   International Junior Scholars Forum in Law and Social Science (via Zoom)

Oct. 2020: University of Chicago Legal Scholarship Workshop (via Zoom)

                   International Risk Management Conference (via Zoom)

                   French Association of Law & Economics (via Zoom)

Sep. 2020  European Law & Economics Association (via Zoom)

Jun. 2020  National Business Law Scholars Conference (via Zoom)

Sep. 2019  European Law & Economics Association (annual meeting, Tel Aviv)

Jul. 2019  German Law & Economics Association (annual meeting, Hannover)

May. 2019 American Law & Economics Association (annual meeting, New York)

Apr. 2019  European Public Choice Society (annual meeting, Jerusalem)

Feb. 2019   EMLE Midterm Meeting (Hamburg)

Dec. 2018   Fourth Empirical Legal Studies Workshop, University of Amsterdam, School of Law 

Nov. 2018   Law Faculty Seminars (Hebrew University of Jerusalem & Tel Aviv University)

Oct. 2018   Paris-Nanterre, LIEN: Law, Economics and Institutions Seminar

Sep.  2018   European Association of Law & Economics (annual meeting, Milan)

Jun.  2018   Second Conference on Empirical Legal Studies in Europe (Leuven)

May. 2018   Seminar, The Jerusalem Business School, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Jan. 2018   American Economic Association (annual meeting, Philadelphia) 

Sep. 2017   European Association of Law & Economics (annual meeting, London)

Jul. 2017   German Law & Economics Association (annual meeting, Marburg)

Jun. 2017   4th International Workshop on Economic Analysis of Litigation (Paris-Nanterre)

Jan. 2017   American Economic Association, annual meeting (Chicago).

Sep. 2016   European Association of Law & Economics (annual meeting, Bologna).

Jul. 2016   German Law & Economics Association (annual meeting, Budapest).

Jun. 2016   First Conference on Empirical Legal Studies in Europe (Amsterdam).

Apr. 2016   European Public Choice Society (annual meeting, Freiburg)

Mar. 2016  Public Choice Society (annual meeting, Fort-Lauderdale)

Feb. 2016   Max Planck Institute for research on collective goods (seminar, Bonn)

Dec. 2015   SIDE-ISLE (annual meeting, Naples)

Oct. 2015   Second Law & Economic Policy international workshop (Paris-Nanterre University)

Sep. 2015   European Association of Law & Economics (annual meeting, Vienna)

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